The beginning: An Idea is born

Everything started 10 years ago as more than an idea, as a dream, a desire to create something completely unique and innovative for a demanding market. The process began at daybreak, under a clear sky, creating a name with meaning and presence behind it, Casazul*, sowing the blue agave at the slopes of the Tequila Volcano, in a town of Jalisco, México.


'La cosecha' Harvesting the Agave

Our tequila involves a high-quality process that creates a soft taste with a hint of fruit. This process begins with the harvesting of the blue agave, and after cutting the agave, we move on to the decoction of the central pineapple, obtaining the agave juice (also known as mosto) and producing our tequila.


Photo by Thomassin Mickaël


The fermentation process

Once the process of decoction is over, we continue with the fermentation process, on which the tequila is left to repose, or age, to obtain an ordinary tequila. This liquid will go through two distillation processes in order to obtain a softer taste.


'Nuestra Casa' Where the barrels are kept

Our tequila is stored inside barrels made out White American Oak wood, which permeates the liquid with a fruity flavor and aroma, unique for our house.


The Result: Perfection of Tequila

Tequila Casazul offers a wide variety of high-quality products, which have made us a competitive company. Each tequila is nurtured during the right amount of time in order for them to obtain the specific taste, smell, and quality that we aim at producing.

Our work, effort, passion, and commitment are all reflected in the taste of our tequilas.


*Cazasul means the Home of Agave (Casa; house or home), (Azul; blue agave)

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